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When looking for a custom Kentucky Derby hat in Dallas, Texas, look no further than The House of MacGregor – the finest custom hat shop in Dallas.

Milliner Cassie MacGregor, owner of The House of MacGregor, has been making custom hats for years and can help you find the perfect hat for the Kentucky Derby this year.


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Custom Derby Hat from The House of MacGregor

A great event calls for a great outfit – and when it’s the Kentucky Derby that outfit has to have a fabulous hat. The House of MacGregor is a Dallas, Texas based custom hat shop making Kentucky Derby hats as well as cocktail hats, men’s & women’s straw and felt fedoras, wedding headpieces and more!

If you’ve got a great event then The House of MacGregor has a great custom hat for the occasion!

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The great thing about the Kentucky Derby is that the festivities surrounding the famous horse race aren’t limited to just Kentucky. Great race watching parties complete with derby dresses and hats can be found in every major city in America, including Dallas, Austin, Houston and more!

If you are looking for a great place to buy your Kentucky Derby hat in Dallas (or anywhere else for that matter) than look no further than The House of MacGregor. A custom hat shop based in Dallas, Texas, The House of MacGregor makes unique and beautiful Derby hats for folks going to the Derby (or just a great Derby party).

House of MacGregor Kentucky Derby Hat

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Check out the amazingly hip and cool bow ties and pocket squares that The House of MacGregor has ready for your Derby dude!

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Here’s a few of the custom made Kentucky Derby hats that Dallas, Texas based The House of MacGregor created for customers last year. If you are looking for a custom Derby hat then you owe it to yourself to talk with Cassie at The House of MacGregor. Whether you are in Dallas, Austin, Atlanta or elsewhere – The House of MacGregor is your best bet for a unique and custom hat for this year’s Kentucky Derby.

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The House of MacGregor is a custom hat shop based in Dallas, Texas that sells made-to-order Kentucky Derby hats (as well as hats for many other occasions) to hat lovers from coast-to-coast.

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful accent for a dress you’ve already purchased, or want to find a perfect hat and then work on the rest of your ensemble, The House of MacGregor has the style and experience to make your Derby day special.

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